Formby to be split in two? Have your say
Who says what?  What the press reports:

  • Conservative councillor Barry Griffiths (Ravenmeols Ward, Formby) says that he has been swamped by people angry at the changes.
He said: “The men in white coats need to get a handle on this Boundary Commission. It is lunatic. I am horrified. I have not met one person who is for it.” (Formby Times 20.9.11)

  • Labour councillor Catie Page (Ravenmeols Ward, Formby) says it is “ridiculous” that Formby was being carved in two.
She said: “That means we will have two different MPs. It will cause confusion and a lot of upset. We are an historic community which the Tories are tearing in two for their own political advantage. (Formby Times 20.9.11)

  • Southport Lib Dem MP John Pugh says:
“I appreciate that putting all of Formby together with Southport would appeal to many local residents, but the law does not allow such a large constituency as that.  The Boundary Commission need to listen to the people of Formby who are saying they don't want to be split." (Formby Champion 28.9.11)

  • Birkdale Lib Dem councillor Simon Shaw says:
"Until 1974 Formby was an Urban District Council in Lancashire.  As such it had close connections to Ormskirk and other parts of West Lancashire. I think there are strong arguments in favour of a Formby and Ormskirk constituency." (Formby Champion 28.9.11)

  • Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson says:
“The community of Formby is one of the most historic communities in the region and it is simply bizarre to think it could be arbitrarily split up by these boundary changes.” (Formby Champion 21.9.11)

  • However Bill Esterson MP also says:

 “Sticking to the government’s own rules, there is no way of saving Formby.  The Boundary Commission will not cross county boundaries so plans for a Formby and Ormskirk constituency are dead in the water.” (Formby Champion 28.9.11)

  • But a spokesman for the Boundary Commission for England said: “While the BCE proposes to identify constituencies by reference to external boundaries as far as practicable, it is nevertheless often necessary to cross these boundaries on order to form constituencies that comply with the statutory electorate range.

Birkdale Councillor Simon Shaw said: “Mr Esterson is simply wrong, and it is rather concerning that he did not check his facts more carefully on an issue of such concern to his constituents in Formby.” (Formby Champion 5.10.11)

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